Lynn aka PSS

Lynn has decades of experience in the adult industry, including website design, digital marketing, and personal branding. While she primarily focuses her wisdom, experiences, and exclusive industry data with women who want to become self-employed and earn money working from home as an independent phone sex operator, she is well versed in many mainstream and adult markets. Her expertise is widely noted as she’s been featured in the national media, including Chicago’s WGN Radio, Priceonomics, and ABC’s Good Morning America. Further information can be found on her website, Phone Sex Secrets.

The fundamental solution to all online marketing problems is informed decision making. That decision making must be based on sound facts -- including your own personal situation, such as staffing, skills, time & financial resources, goals, and individual personality. That's what an experienced Internet marketing specialist, social media marketing professional, helps you gather & determine.

Content is only part of the equation.

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