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Chances are, if you came here, you already know my name and my work. (If so, you may skip to the rates section.) If you don’t know me or my writing reputation, read my short resume, and continue reading!

I’ve been paid to write, online & print, since 1997. As a freelance writer & ghostwriter, I specialize in creating interesting editorial content (articles, interviews, blog posts, opinion columns, etc.) to match your brand’s character & engage your audience.

Writing to engage an audience is not merely a goal, but a distinction which sets my professional writing services apart.

Whether the article is to inform, explain, persuade, or entertain, it’s always written with the reader in mind. That means I don’t write SEO articles per se; instead, I believe in organic SEO and write for humans. (For a deeper explanation, see my article on SEO here.) Whether you have Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B) communication needs, I’ve got you covered with articles which appeal to human beings. That’s the first step in engaging them.

Engaging readers means involving them in your site, your business. Be it a conversation or comment, a bookmarked or shared link, a newsletter or RSS subscription, a sales lead or purchase, or other call to action; I write to get answers to those calls. After all, the goal of your written content is to evoke a response, have something to show for it, right?

Simply put, I write to meet your needs by focusing on the needs of your readers and targeted audience.

A few other things you may wish to know:

Everything is 100% original, written and researched by me. I do not farm-out or outsource writing projects to other writers.

Purchasing ghostwritten articles grants you full rights to the written works: you publish them in your own name and may rewrite them, sell them, insert links, use them however you wish. (If you want to know how to make the most of your articles, consult with me about the  dos and don’ts of written content!)

Over the years, I’ve written about pretty much everything (except highly technical specialty or medical fields), so don’t hesitate to contact me about your writing needs.


Freelance Writing Rates

Articles of 250-300 Words

Great for sales and copywriting needs, as well as short blog posts for blogs which are frequently updated. Cost: $59

Articles of 300-500 Words

Suitable for more in-depth blog posts & sidebar filler in print publications. Cost: $89

Articles of 500-800 Words

Meatier articles which are often considered feature length posts for blogs. Articles of this length are also good for newsletters. Cost: $119

Articles of 800-1200 Words

In-depth, long-tail content for speciality businesses, blogs, websites, newsletters, and print publications; ideal for earning (and maintaining) a position of authority. Cost: $169

Articles of 1200-2000 Words

Often suitable length for featured articles in newspapers and magazines, articles of this size are often the necessity of (digital and print) publications & businesses who realize the value of comprehensive written materials which separate themselves from the competition. Cost: $289

Other Writing Services:

More Than Articles: Do you need your site’s FAQ or other informational pages written? Looking for heavily researched pieces, articles with photos, ebooks, or something beyond what’s listed here? Tell me what you’re looking for and get a quote!

Writing Prompt Service: Along with writing for you, I also provide a writing prompts service. This unique service helps inspire you to write your own content while addressing the needs of your readers. (More info here.) The rate for this service is based upon you, your needs & goals; so let’s talk!


I prefer long-term client relationships; you should too. Working with the same writer avoids duplicated content,keeps continuity with your readers, clients, and potential customers. Inquire here if you o I do offer discounts for regular columns & long-term arrangements. have ongoing needs for written content.

I do occasionally discount for individual articles & regular columns published with a byline (those published with my name & proper credits). This is usually limited to the areas of antiques & vintage collectibles, history, women’s issues, and online marketing. Contact me for details & availability.

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  2. […] a freelance writer, I do provide custom written content; but this Writing Prompt Service is a less expensive, DIY […]

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