I’ve been working professionally online for 20 years. (The Internet was new back then; so new, ecommerce was a dirty idea!) My college education* & personal experience quickly led to demand for my expertise; soon I was consulting*, speaking at museum events*, & invited to collaborate & beta test some of the best (& worst) sites the Internet has seen. Through it all, because Content Is King, I’ve remained a freelance writer, authoring articles & more under my own name, various pen names, & as a ghostwriter for hire. You may have been reading me without even knowing it!

As a writer, multimedia web publisher, and Internet entrepreneur, I am not only self motivated but deadline motivated. Let me put my knowledge and skills to work for you.


A quick resume in terms of marketing and promotions online

BA from Alverno College:

Dual majors in Business Management & Professional Communications (with an unnecessary, but desired, additional minor in Social Sciences which seems worth mentioning).

Founded Big Mouth Promotions in 1999:

That business still exists, publishing a newsletter service for paid subscribers along with occasional white papers and blog posts.

Professional web consultant:

Clients have included Collectors Quest and Kat Caverly/No Evil Productions.

Presenter at the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) and Mountain-Plains Museums Association (MPMA) Joint Annual Conference, 2008:

Session titled, Museums & Web 2.0: Slaying Dragons or Titlting at Windmills? Blogs, YouTube, MySpace – Using Social Networks for Museums.

Co-founded U.P. To The D.L. online promotional services with Laura Brown in 2011:

When two heads are deemed better than one… When two pairs of eyes are most wise… These packages provide multiple opinions & approaches to solving the everyday concerns of the small business person and individual blogger.

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Content is only part of the equation.

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