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Have you decided that you need to begin, firmly establish, or update your online presence — but you feel stuck, wondering what platform to use, what networks to join? I’ll help you identify which content management software, social media venues, &/or content curation sites are not only of the most value to your brand & product identities, but best suited to your own assets.

Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? Does trying to understand SEO & PR, let alone implement best practices, leave you feeling frustrated? Does the learning curve threaten your ROI? Time is money, after all; so sweating it out alone can really cost you! Let me help you worry less about the latest plugins and gadgets and, instead, concentrate more on how to collect the data you need — and how to use the data you have.

Do so-called “simple” webpages & profiles intimidate you, forcing you to procrastinate? I’ll personally train you in how to set up those sites with one-on-one tutoring. Or, if you prefer, I can set them up for you.

Whether you could use some help getting started or staying motivated, whether you need someone to steer you in the right direction or just be a sounding board to help you sort out all the things you have read (or that are in your head!), I can help. Schedule a consultation appointment with me, and we can discuss in real-time — on the phone, via chat/instant messenger, or in email — your business needs.


What You Need To Know Before Requesting A Consultation Appointment

I believe in the “teach a person to fish” method of consulting; it has the best ROI.

Teaching you how to do things for yourself may mean more paid-out up front, but you will then be able to do things for yourself and that means saving money in the long-run.  This is why I prefer to walk you through how to set up your website, blog, social media networking, curation, community building, etc. However, I do understand that there are some people who have their own reasons for outsourcing parts of their business. This is why I also offer some services that “I just do for you.”

I prefer long-term client relationships.

Not only are they easier for me, but such relationships are better for you; a continued working relationship saves you money. It takes time & money to bring a new person up to speed about you, your target market, your goals & needs. Why recreate the wheel every time you need some help? If you need help with multiple issues or sites, tell me your needs and we’ll discuss discount packages. (Yes, this may include discounts on my freelance writing too!)

About scheduling appointments.

Please note that there are options for consultation appointments. Along with pre-paid live one-on-one telephone sessions, I also offer real-time chat sessions (via instant messenger or if, you prefer, in email exchanges) which are typically best for those who want a written record of the entire session. These options allow us to work in a method that best suits your needs and learning style. At the time you schedule your appointment, feel free to mention your preferences.

All consultation & tutoring sessions have the same rates: $69 per hour for all phone/text/chat sessions. Note there are some discounts for longer sessions.

Additional services are listed with their rates below.

I am available during — and well after — “normal business hours”, including weekends. However, please allow at least 36 hours between when you request your appointment and your requested time as I cannot always guarantee availability.


Should I be too busy to take on your project, if my services are not a good match for your needs, or if there is some other concern, I will contact you, refund your payment asap, & do my best to refer you to another professional who can help.


(Some) Consultation Types

Traditional Internet Marketing Consultations:

Together we draft your marketing plan. You’ll receive a personalized checklist with steps you should take — based on your needs, skills, and budget.

Content Use & Management:

How often should you post at your blog? How long should your articles be? Do you know the difference between content aggregation, content distribution, content syndication, and content curation — and do you know how to make the most of them?

Brand Partnering:

Brand alliances don’t need to be on a large scale; entrepreneurs and small companies can forge win-win relationships with bloggers too. Both the blogger’s brand and the company’s identity can be served when proper matches are made via sponsorships, exclusive access to insider information, interviews, launches, and even affiliate programs. Let me be your branding matchmaker!

One-On-One Assistance & Tutoring:

Yes, there are wonderful tutorials for all sorts of things online that you can read for free. There are books in your local library, to be sure. But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone right there to walk you through a process step-by-stem and answer your questions when you have them? I can be that person!

One-on-one supportive & educational tutoring services for publishing platforms (blogging software) like WordPress, social media sites including Facebook, and basics in graphic software such as Photoshop and Gimp can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. Generally, tutoring is best done when we are on the phone together; however, you may arrange your tutoring session via chat or instant messenger as well.

Live Session Options

When booking your session, please note the various session types:

Two Hour Consultation Session
Three Hour Consultation Session
Single Coaching Session
A Month of Weekly Coaching Sessions

Other Services

Social Media And Content Curation Account Assistance:

Individual Social Media OR Content Curation Account Setup
Individual Social Media Account Management
Individual Content Curation Account Management
Social Media AND Content Curation Account Management

Website Reviews:

Looking for a quick review of your website, blog, public social media page, etc.? You can obtain them here.

Website Design:

Do you want a static webpage? Want a blog? A store? Want it integrated with your social media or other digital platform? All of the above? Given the intricacies of individual site needs, it is best to discuss your specific and individual site needs. contact me today to discuss your project.

Blog Theme & Template Tweaks:

Typically only done for existing or long-term clients; contact me for a quote.

Link Building:

For the best link building and backlink campaigns, please see my blog tour services.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Contact me about your needs!

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